Imagine fireworks at your event

Whether you’re celebrating a private moment or holding a public event, let us help you supercharge your evening with fireworks!

Light Up Your Event of a Lifetime

Most people reserve fireworks for the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve – but memorable events happen all year-round. Don’t let your special day fizzle away. Stand out with an awe-inspiring pyrotechnics display so your event is remembered for years and years to come.

Mid-Level Fireworks

Mid-level firework shows consist of products that are lower in explosive power

  • budget conscious
  • closer proximity to audience
  • suitable for smaller compact locations
  • getting city permission: easy

High-Level Fireworks

High-level firework shows consist of products that range in explosive power from high to extreme

  • requires a larger venue
  • requires city permits
  • beautiful huge long-duration effects
  • higher price point

Experience You Can Trust

With over 20 years of pyrotechnic experience, The Pyrorific Fireworks Display Company has what it takes to make your events literally explode with excitement.

Perfect for your own Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve parties, grand openings, weddings, corporate events, or any event worth remembering, our brilliant fireworks displays are the best way to excite and thrill your guests. We’ve designed this site to make your decision about fireworks easy. Don’t settle for less – talk to us first.


How Is Pyrorific Different?

We produce a multisensory experience.

Other Companies

Most companies launch fireworks from one central location. This creates a singular point in the sky, which can be nice, but after 10 minutes can become redundant, boring and may cause you to lose your audience. This method of firing can also have a negative impact on the grande finale. As effects are fired faster and faster colors are washed out due to the intensity in one spot.


Our shows are fired from multiple locations creating a wide span of firework effects. Even with our smallest shows, we start with 3 locations and can go up to 6 locations creating a wide 150 foot wall of color. For larger shows we utilize pods that are angled to spread out the firing pattern and cover a large area of sky which provides a much better viewing experience.

Thought I would let you know that everybody is raving about the fireworks display. All we have heard is positive and that it was the best fireworks display Lytle has ever had.

Mark Bowen
Mayor, City of Lytle, Texas


A Night To Remember

What better way to end your special day than with a stunning fireworks display!

Nothing expresses celebration and excitement quite a stylish as a Texas fireworks display. Impress your audience and your guests with a fireworks show they will remember for years to come. From our mid-level packages to our fully designed professional shows, we’ve put together several affordable packaged displays that are within your reach.